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Love to the End

We have come to the Holy Week of our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection, the Pascha/Passover of the Lord. This week, sometimes called Great Week, is the holiest week in the Church Year precisely because it takes us into the heart of the One Mystery of Christ which is the Paschal Mystery. In St John’s Gospel Christ refers to His Pascha as His “hour”. You might recall that at His first miracle, at the wedding in Cana, He told His Mother that His hour had not yet come. But now His hour had come and St John tells us in chapter 13 that knowing His hour had come and loving His own, Christ loved them “to the end.” We might tend to think that this “to the end” means that Christ loved them to the end of His life. We would be, however, mistaken. For His life does not end. He has - or we might say, He is! - indestructible, Divine life. Loving them “to the end”, then, means something else. The word “end” in Greek (“telos”) is an interesting word. It doesn’t simply mean end as in “it’s over” - the end. It also means, and is commonly used to indicate, the completion or the perfection of something. And thus St Cyril of Alexandria states that in the case of John 13.1, the phrase “to the end” means that Christ loved his own “to perfection”. Holy Week, as we said, places us before the Paschal Mystery of Christ. And we know the contours and the shape of this Mystery largely because of this week with its hymns, iconography, and scriptures. Let us recognize that what we are witnessing in the Paschal Mystery is, as St John tells us, Christ’s love “to the end.” It is the completion of love. It is perfect love. Do you want to understand perfect love? Come and see the Master wash the disciples feet. Do you want to taste perfect love? Come and partake of the Mystical Supper. Do you want to know perfect love? Come and stand before the Cross. And if you want to see what the world has to say about perfect love then come and weep at the tomb of the perfect lover. Christ has loved us “to the end.” Let us love Him, even with our imperfect love, in Holy Week, worshipping His Passion so that He might show us also His holy resurrection.

With love in Christ, Fr John

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