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Liturgical Sheet Music in PDF Format  *

Daily Sheet Music













Lenten Triodion



Prodigal Son:

Memorial Satuday:



Sunday  of Orthodoxy:

St Gregory Palamas:


 St John of the Ladder:

St Mary of Egypt:

Lazarus Saturday:


2nd Sunday-St Thomas:

3rd Sunday-Myrrhbearers:

4th Sunday-The Paralytic:

5th Sun-Samaritan Woman:


6th Sunday-The Blind Man:

Leavetaking of Pascha:

7th Sun-Fathers, 1st Council:

1st Sunday After-All Saints:

2nd Sun After-All Sts N Amer:

Other Feasts

Circumcision/Christ & St Basil (Jan 1):

Ss Peter and Paul (June 29):

Beheading of Forerunner (Aug 29):

St John of Chicago Music & Services

* About This Page

We've been producing sheet music and comprehensive service documents for several years now.  As a new mission, we struggled to learn to sing from the text that we downloaded from the OCA website. This led us to develop software that we use to transform "pointed text" in these documents to sheet music in PDF format. All of our music is worded according to the formal liturgical language convention: "Thee/Thou" for all individuals commemorated; "You/Your" for two or or more persons. Most of the music that we generate is done in the common "Obikhod" melodies.

Some of the music on our site comes from other Orthodox music sites and is incorporated into our documents, sometimes with minor corrections and/or reformating. Some of these excellent music resource sites are listed here:


The following is a brief overview of what you will find on this page:


  • Daily Sheet Music - currently we produce the "variable" music for Vespers on Wednesday and Saturday evenings as well as for selected feast days. We also supplement the Liturgy music as needed. As the years go by, music for various saints become permanently available (we should have the whole Menaion done in a few more years). We also produce a single PDF file containing all the Vespers music for each upcoming date during the year (these are usually available at least one day in advance).

  • Vespers, Matins, Compline - everything needed for Great Vespers as well as Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Daily Vespers is available here.

  • Liturgy - the sheet music here is arranged in the order it is sung during the Liturgy. Different arrangements (or variations) are coded by number and more than one variation is available for most sections of the Liturgy - we hope to add to those available as we add music that our choir sings.

  • Lenten Triodion - Vespers and Liturgy music is available for all Sundays of Lent (including the Sundays leading up to Lent). Certain complete services are available  as well as different litanies in lenten tones.

  • Holy Week & Pascha - complete Bridegroom Matins services for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings are available. Certain complete services are also available as well as miscellaneous music needed for Vespers, Matins and Liturgy.

  • Pentecostarion - Vespers and Liturgy music is available for all Sundays after Pascha through the second Sunday after Pentecost as well as Mid-feast.

  • Major & Other Feasts - in our parish, we usually do a vigil on the evenings of major feasts. A complete vigil service will be posted in one PDF document. If the Vigil directory is empty, this simply means we have not had a chance to complete the service yet. We also provide the Vespers & Liturgy music as well. Other services related to a feast may also be found here.

  • St John of Chicago - music and service texts are available for the patron saint of our parish, St John Kuchorev.

  • Miscellaneous - other sheet music & service documents are available on this page as well.  


Questions and comments are welcome. And, if you have non-copyrighted music that you would like us to consider making available on this site, please send an email to our general email address.

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